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Organizer: Harold McQuade (Event Director)

Map: Centennial Park

This is one of the titles of spring for Orienteering NB. The event is a first but relatively easy test for experienced orienteers, where they race against the clock in a familiar park, as well as a great introduction for newcomers on a safe map with lots of variety.

"Do to potential spring flooding check web site for updates"

Park with complex trail network and an uncrossable creek with 6 bridges. Mixed forest. Usually wet in the spring but great visibility before undergrowth arrives later in season. Possibility of snow still in the woods.

NOTICE (April 22, 2015). There is a lot of snow in the woods. Course 1 will be wet, courses 2, 3 & 4 will encounter snow.

Pre-registration for meets is strongly encouraged. A discount is offered for pre-registered participants. Pre-registered participants are also guaranteed a pre-printed map.

Pre-registered/Late registration
Adults . . . . . . . . . . . .$12 /$17
Juniors (under 20) . . . . . . $6 / $8
Family Maximum . . . . . . . $25/$35
Novice (wayfaring) group $5 per map (course 1 or 2 only)
Advanced groups beyond course 2 will be charged the individual rate. Each participant receives a map.
Extra Map (if available) . . . $3
Mandatory equipment: Whistle. Available for sale at $2
SportIdent (SI) dibber required. Will be provided at no charge. If lost there is a $35 replacement fee.

To receive the discount email Harold McQuade by 5 pm on Wednesday April 22nd
Send name, year of birth, sex and course selected to the contact information below. Provide your SI number. You can pay upon arrival.

On-site registration: Start noon at the Lion's Den located across from the Rotary Lodge building.

START: Race start at 1pm

Directions: Take the entrance off St. George Blvd. to the Rotary Lodge.

Meet official/course planner: Harold McQuade




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