Organizer: Harold McQuade (Event Director)

Map: Mactaquac Provincial Park

The setting for these events will be the Mactaquac Provincial Park north of Fredericton, NB.. There will be 4 courses : 1) Beginner, 2 km 2) Intermediate, 2 to 3 km 3) Advance Short, 3 to 4.5 km and 4) Advance long, over 6.5 km.

It will be a point to point event, i.e., controls must be visited in numerical sequence.


Recreational Category: The recreational category is a non competitive category with no penalties. Find as many controls as possible in 1.5 hours. Mactaquac Provincial Park is an ideal location for anyone that has not tried orienteering. The controls will be located in the camp ground and the terrain is relatively flat, with large open fields, paved roads and forested areas were tenting is reserved.

Enter as a team or go solo.


Adults . . . . . . . . . . . . $12

Juniors (under 20) . . . $6

Family Maximum . . . .$25

Novice (teams) will be charge $7 per map (course 1 and 2 only)

Advanced groups beyond course 2 will be charged the individual rate.

Pre registration is requested to help,organizers print sufficient maps. There will be a limited number of extra maps printed.

Pre register by October 21 to ensure a map and to avoid a late $5 registration fee.

On-site registration: 11:00 am

First start: noon

Course closure: Three hours after the last start.



Whistle is mandatory

Electronic Equipment:

Electronic timing equipment will be used. Participants will be provided with an electronic recorder and if lost there will be $35 charge to recover the cost of the recorder.


Cross the Mactaquac dam and drive to the entrance to the golf course. Look for the signs that say orienteering and follow the arrows on the sign to the registration site.



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