Organizer: Steve Heron (Organizer)

Map: Rockwood Park

This is an introductory orienteering event aimed at bringing families and young people out to try the sport. Local Scout and Guide groups are particularly encouraged to attend and learn new map and compass skills for the coming school year.

The competition will be a point-to-point race where competitors have to find a specific number of controls, in order, in the fastest time possible and then race to the finish line.

Note: All courses (except Novice) have been planned a bit easier than normal to encourage adventurous participants to try something a bit harder.


Pre-registration is requested to help the organizers prepare sufficient material. Register by email with the organizer : Race fees will be collected on-site.

Please provide:

  • Name
  • Club (if a member)
  • Course
  • SportIdent serial number (if available)


  • Course 1 (2.1km): Novice. A good introductory course for beginners. Controls are located along trails.
  • Course 2 (2.4km): Beginner. The controls are located near, but mostly off the trails. Use the trails to make your way around the course.
  • Course 3 (3.1km): Intermediate. The controls are located off the trails. Good map reading skills are an asset.
  • Course 4 (4.0km): Advanced. Good navigational skills is essential.
  • Score: Make your own adventure. Random controls from the other courses. One hour time limit.

First start Noon or as soon as registration is complete.


Registration Fees will be collected at the meet site. Pre-registration rates will be collected for anyone who registers here or by email. On site registration available from 11:00am.

Standard Pre-registered
Adults $17 $12
Juniors (under 20) $8 $6
Family Maximum $35 $25
Novice groups (suggest 3-4 per group on Course 1 or 2) $8/map $6/map

(Pre-registration for meets is strongly encouraged. To this end a substantial discount is offered for pre-registered participants. Pre-registered participants are also guaranteed a pre-printed map.)

More Info

What should I bring? Wear something comfortable that you don't mind getting a little dirty! You might want to consider a change of shoes and socks! If it's wet outside, you might need a complete change of clothes! Compass and whistle are mandatory for all ONB events (whistles may be for sale at registration).


Current planning has the Start/Finish located at the upper Fisher Lakes parking lot. Check back on race-day for changes.

  • Enter at the main Rockwood Park entrance at Lily Lake.
  • Proceed to the left past the Interpretation center and RV campgrounds.
  • Continue to follow the one-way driving loop around Fisher Lakes.
  • First parking lot past the lake bridge.
  • (Alternately, use the other park entrance at the end of Hawthorne Ave and proceed to the second parking lot.)



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