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Organizer: Steve Heron (Organizer)

Map: Rockwood Park

ROGAINE actually means Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance.

A "Rogaine" is an "orienteering treasure hunt". There is no set course to follow. Controls are scattered throughout the mapped area and participants have a fixed time interval (90 or 180 minutes) to find as many controls as possible in whatever order they choose before returning to the start/finish area.

Points are awarded for each control based on difficulty and/or distance from the start area (or a the whim of the course designer). Penalty points are deducted for participants who return to the start area after their time limit expires. Participants do not need to visit every control.

Two courses available: Easier and Harder.

The easier course (90 minute time limit) will stay closer to the Start/Finish area and have most of its controls located on or near the many trails in the park. It will have a few tougher ones thrown in to make it interesting. The harder course (180 minutes) will range through more of the park and will only share a few controls with the easier course.


Pre-registration is requested to help the organizers prepare sufficient material. Register online on this site, or by email with the organizer: Race fees will be collected on-site.

Please provide:

  • Name
  • Club (if a member)
  • Course
  • SportIdent serial number (if available)


  • Easier (90 minutes): Easier controls. Controls located on or near trails.
  • Harder (180 minutes): Advanced controls. Larger area. Good navigational skills are essential.

Start Time: as soon as your on-site registration is complete or Mass start at Noon

Course closure: 3:00 pm. (regardless of your course limit, everyone must return to the start/finish area by this time)


Registration Fees will be collected at the meet site. Pre-registration rates will be collected for anyone who registers online or by email. On site registration available from 11:00am.

Pre-registered On the day
Adults $15 plus $5
Juniors (under 20) $10 plus $5
Family Maximum $35 $45
Groups (suggest 4 or less per group) priced by age/map (at least two maps per group)

(Pre-registration for meets is strongly encouraged. On-the-day registrations are charged extra. Pre-registered participants are also guaranteed a pre-printed map.)

Note about Electronic Timing
SportIdent electronic timing equipment is used at all ONB events. Participants who do not have a SportIdent device will be provided with one. If the device is lost, there will be a $50 charge to recover the cost of the device.


The Start/Finish area is located at the northern parking lot near Cherry Brook Zoo.

  • Hwy 1, Westbound: Exit128 and follow Foster Thurston Road just past the zoo.
  • Hwy 1, Eastbound: Exit129 (Rothesay Ave) to reverse direction and join Westbound route.

More Info

Dress for the weather. Wear comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting a little dirty! You might want to consider a change of shoes and socks! If it's wet outside, you might need a complete change of clothes! Compass and whistle are mandatory for all ONB events (whistles may be for sale at registration). A watch is mandatory for Rogaine-style events. Water and/or energy snacks are optional. There will be no water available on the courses.

NOTE: There are no facilities available at the Start/Finish area. Plan accordingly.



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