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Map: Killarney Lake

The Killarney Kaper is a fun spring navigation adventure in the woods and trails of Killarney Lake Park, Fredericton.

This event is open to the public with courses from easy to advanced, so you can 'map your adventure' at whatever level you wish.

On each course you are provided a detailed map and use it to navigate to a series of control points marked on the ground with flags. Easy courses use trails between control points. Advanced courses are longer and require more challenging navigation. Assistance is available pre-start for beginners.


Pre-registration is requested to help the organizers prepare sufficient material. Pre-register by midnight Thursday May 23rd and benefit from a reduction in fees. Register online (on this page) or by email with the organizer, Rob Hughes : Fees will be collected on-site.

Please provide:

  • Name
  • Whether participating solo or in a group; if a group, list all members
  • Course
  • SportIdent serial number (if available)


  • Course 1 (about 2km): Beginner. Suitable for complete beginners. Easy terrain. Controls are located along trails and easy to find. Compass not needed. No electronic punching required. This entry level course will use permanent control markers.
  • Course 2 (about 3km): Novice. The controls are located a short distance off the trails. Use the trails to make your way around the course. Compass not needed.
  • Course 3 (approx 4km): Intermediate. The controls are located off the trails. Good map reading skills are an asset, compass useful.
  • Course 4 (5-6km): Advanced. The controls are located well off the trails. Good map reading skills are necessary and compass skills essential. Longer course with more bushwhacking and more hills.

First start 1300 or as soon as registration is complete.


Fees will be collected at the meet site. Pre-registration rates will apply if you register by May 23rd. On site registration available from 12 noon on the day.

(Pre-registration is strongly encouraged and ensures you get a pre-printed map!)

Standard/on sitePre-registered
Juniors (under 20)$15$10
Family Maximum$35$30
Novice groups (Course 1 or 2)$15/teammate$10/teammate
Int/Adv groups (Course 3 or 4)$20/teammate$15/teammate

Note about Electronic Timing
SportIdent electronic timing equipment is used at all ONB events. Participants who do not have a SportIdent device ( a small 'dibber' that you carry with you on the course and which records your times at each control point) will be provided with one. There is no charge for this, but if the dibber is lost there will be a $40 charge to cover the cost. Here is a site that shows you what the SI dibber looks like. The SI system will be used at this event for courses 2-4. Course 1 will not require electronic timing.

More Info

No special equipment or clothing is needed. Dress for the outdoors, wear something comfortable that you don't mind getting a little dirty! A change of footwear and socks is a good idea for after the event. If it's wet, you might need a complete change of clothes!

A compass is handy but not essential on courses 1-2.

A compass is recommended for courses 3 and 4. Safety whistles are required for all courses and will be available on sale at registration.

Tick Advisory

In 2018 York County (including Fredericton) was added to the list of areas in NB where there is an elevated risk of encountering black legged and other ticks. According to the NB Dept of Health approximately 1 in 8 ticks in NB are infected with the bacteria causing Lyme disease. Participants should check carefully for ticks following outdoor activities.

Map / Terrain

The map is a standard 1 10 000 scale orienteering map with 2.5 and 5 m contours. There is an extensive trail network. Off-trail terrain is mostly regenerating mixed woodland with a variety of rock, water and terrain features. Gradients are mostly shallow except for one steep ridge/slope area on course 4.


There will be some snacks and drinks available after the finish. We may also have some informal prizes.


It takes a lot of work to put on ONB events, we can always use a helping hand. If you want to help, please email the event director Rob Hughes at No prior experience required!


The start/finish location will be close to the the main parking lot next to the Killarney Lake Lodge.



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