Organizer: Harold McQuade (Event Director)

Modified Event

Notice (October 27, 2020)

I have been ask what is needed and for the person who I lost their message.

Bring the following:

1) Compass

2) Whistle

3) Parking lot. On the Golf Club Road near the Golf Course. Look for the "ORIENTEERING" sign.

4) Registration on Sunday: 10am to noon.


The courses will be left out for 2 days, Saturday, October 31 and Sunday, November 1, 2020.You can choice which day to run the course.

There will not be any electronic equipment used. Flags and ribbons will be used to mark the control locations. There will be 3 courses from beginner to advance. If new to the sport start with the beginner course. The terrain is rugged so if you are going to attempt the intermediate and advanced courses you should be prepared.

You can compete solo or in a team.

Why This Will be a Fun Event

Unlike competitive orienteering events there will not be any penalty for not finding all the controls. This will be a good opportunity to test your navigation skills.

Navigation clinic

If there is interest a clinic will be provided on Saturday. If interested contact the registrar

Start times!

This will be a self time event and you can start anytime. Organizers will be on site from 10am to noon each day to answer questions.

Course closure and safety!

The course will be open starting at 10am on Saturday and closes at 4pm each day.For safety the course is not to be attempted in the evening.There are open pits and dangerous depressions in the area.The open pits drop, approximately 6 to 9 metres, into the underground mine and depressions with unstable bottoms.

Course Descriptions

Event type

Point to point. The controls are visited in numerical order, 1, 2, 3 … to the finish control.

Beginner (2.4km): The controls will be located on and off the trails. Route choice decisions will be required. You should know how to take a bearing. The course becomes progressively more challenging and there is one bushwhack required. The start point and bearing for the bushwhack will be provided if requested.

Intermediate (3.9km): A technical and physical course. Navigation experience required.

Advance (4.1km): This course is more challenging than the Intermediate course.

Control Numbers: Ribbons with the control number printed on them will be secured to a flag or tied to a tree. Ribbons will be used for the beginner course. The control locations for the intermediate and advanced courses will be mark with Flags.

Courses open: The courses are now open. For a course map contact the registrar.


Must contact the registrar to register for the event

Preregistration is requested by October 28th to help the organizers prepare sufficient material.


  • Name, address and contact number
  • Teams: provide team name and the names of the team members
  • Course and number of maps
  • Sign waiver (to be provided by registrar)
  • Sign Declaration of Health form dated the day of the event. (to be provided by registrar)

The sign Waiver and Declaration of Health forms can be email to the registrar or drop of at the event between 11am and noon the days of the event. The Declaration of Health form must be sign off on the day of the event.

On-site registration: October 31 and November 1 from 10:00 am to noon.


Pay on site using cash or make alternate payment arrangements with the registrar. Bring exact change to the onsite registration.

Beginner course: $5/map

Intermediate and advanced courses:

Juniors (under 21): $10

Adults: $15

Families: $30


Whistle (mandatory)



Safety Note

There area is shared by hikers, mountain bikers and motorized bikers.

Open mine shaft and depressions with unstable bottoms.


  • Washrooms: There are no washrooms.
  • Water: There will not be any water on the course.
  • Cell phone service: There is no cell phone coverage in the quarry.
  • Caves: The caves are out of bounds. The caves are habitat to bats and they are in decline due to the white nose syndrome. For this reason the caves are closed for exploring.


Take hwy 114 to Hillsborough, NB. In Hillsborough take the Golf Club Road to the golf course. The Golf Club Road is located across from the railway museum. Follow the arrow, on the 2 colour triangle Orange and White signs, to the parking lot mark by the ORIENTEERING banner. Approximately 1.8 km from highway 114.


Contact the event organizer: Harold McQuade at


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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