Organizer: Steve Heron (Organizer)

Map: Rockwood Park

A Score-O is an event where participants "choose their own" adventure and find as many controls as they can in a given time. Controls can be collected in any order. Harder controls may be worth more points, but going over the time limit will cost you!

There will be only a single course. Many controls will be placed in easy-to-find locations throughout the main public area of the park. Several harder controls will be hidden off-trail for the more adventurous participants!


  • Type: Score-O (random order)
  • Time Limit: 75 minutes
  • Terrrain: Mixed trails and forest
  • Scoring: 10 points for each Control; 10 point penalty per minute over-time



Pre-registration is required to help the organizers prepare sufficient material. Register here or by email with the organizer (

  • Please provide:
    • Name(s) of all Participants; Birth Year (for our insurer)
    • Team Name (optional)
    • Club/Organization (ONB, 1st Somewhere Scouts, etc)
    • Course: Score-O
    • SportIdent serial number (if available)


Registration Fees will be charged according to "ONB Standard Fees". They will be collected at the meet site or by Interac e-Transfer® to: On-site registration will be available from approximately 11:00am.

(During these COVID times, Pre-registration for meets is REQUIRED.)

Adults $15
Juniors (under 21) $10
Family (Bubble) Maximum $30

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What should I bring? Wear something comfortable that you don't mind getting a little dirty! You might want to consider a change of shoes and socks! If it's wet outside, you might need a complete change of clothes! Compass and whistle are mandatory for all ONB events (whistles may be for sale at registration).


The Start/Finish located at the upper Fisher Lakes parking lot.

  • Enter at the main Rockwood Park entrance at Lily Lake.
  • Proceed to the left past the Interpretation Center and RV campground.
  • Continue past the stables to follow the one-way driving loop around Fisher Lakes.
  • First parking lot past the lake bridge.
  • (Alternately, use the other park entrance at the end of Hawthorne Ave and proceed past the dog park to the second parking lot.)


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