Organizer: Harold McQuade (Event Director)


1. Weather: Rain is expected on the day of the race. The event will still take place in the rain.

1. Météo : De la pluie est attendue le jour de la course. L'événement aura lieu sous la pluie.

2. Washrooms: There are no washrooms on site.

2. Toilettes : Il n'y a pas de toilettes sur le site.

This event has a course to match your skills, whether you are new to orienteering or an experienced navigator.

The event will be a mini-ROGAINE, find as many controls as possible in the time limit of the course. There will not be any penalties for not finding all the controls but you will be penalizes for every minute late past the course completion time limit. You can go solo or in a team.

If new to the sport a beginner course will be available. No navigation experience required!

What to expect.

The organizers have planed several courses. If, you are new to orienteering try the Beginner Course.The 6 hour course is for experienced navigators and should not be attempted by novice.This course will offer experienced navigators a challenge.It is recommended for those that compete in Adventure Races and ROGAINE type events.The 2 hour course would be a good fit for anyone that wants to try their navigation skills on a smaller and less physical course.

À quoi s'attendre.

Les organisateurs ont prévu plusieurs parcours.Si vous êtes novice en matière de course d'orientation, essayez le cours pour débutants.Le cours de 6 heures est destiné aux navigateurs expérimentés et ne doit pas être tenté par les novices.Ce cours offrira un défi aux navigateurs expérimentés.Il est recommandé pour ceux qui participent à des courses d'aventure et des événements de type ROGAINE.Le cours de 2 heures convient à tous ceux qui veulent essayer leurs compétences en navigation sur un parcours plus petit et moins physique.

Orienteering race

Orienteering is a foot race using a map and compass to navigate to various points shown on the map. The points are known as controls. The controls are placed at natural and man-made features, such as, trail junctions and boulders in the forest. The controls, flags, are placed at the feature that you are looking for.


A ROGAINE is a race that requires map reading and navigation skills. Usually in teams of 2 to 5 people. The name derives from the founders. Rod Phillips, Gail Davis and Neil Phillips Ro Gai Ne. If you are planning to do the 6 hour course expect hostile terrain and wet areas.


The controls will be two colour, triangle white and orange, flags. The flags will be placed at the feature you are looking for. The feature location is mark on the map by a circle. The feature in the field will be in the middle of the circle

A description of the feature that you are looking for will be provided on the course map.


Beginner course (1.7 km): A family friendly course for beginners. The controls will be located along the trails.

Short course (2 hour time limit): The majority of the controls will be easy to find and some challenging controls to find. Knowing how to use a compass will be an asset.

Long course (5 or 6 hour time limit TBD): Be prepared to challenge yourself. The course will be physical and is for experience navigators.


The maps will be to Orienteering Standard and they will be provided at the onsite registration.

  • The 2 hour course will be on the White Rock Recreation Area (WRRA) map that was made in 2015.The Hillsborough gypsum quarry is located on the WRRA map. The map has a network of hiking and mountain bike trails.
  • The 6 hour course will use two maps: 1) the WRRA map and 2) the Pits of Despair map. The Pits of Despair map* covers a much larger area than the WRRA map.

*Pits of Despair map:

The map was updated May 2023.

Map scales

Beginner course. The map will be on letter size paper at a scale of 1:5000.

The 2-hour course will be on Legal size paper at 1:10000 scale.

The 6-hour course will be on Leger size paper at 1:10000 scale or on Legal at 1:15000 scale.


The terrain is rugged with steep inclines. The forest on the WRRA map has sink holes and ponds formed from the collapsed underground gypsum mines.


9:00 am: The onsite registration will open at 9 am. The maps and the electronic recorders (SportIdent units) will be given out at the onsite registration.

09:45 am: Briefing.

10:00 am: Mass start at 10:00 am.

12:00 noon: The beginner and 2-hour courses close.

12:30 pm: Awards for the 2-hour course.

4:00 pm: The 6-hour course closes.

4:30 pm: Awards for the 6-hour course.

Awards to the top 2 finishers


Pre-registration is requested by June 10, 2023, to guarantee a map and to avoid a late registration fee of $5. Walk in registration on the day of the event will be allowed but there will be a limited number of spare maps.

Pre-register online registration*. Complete the following forms that are required by our insurance provider and SportNB. The completed forms can be emailed to the event organizer. It is important that the Event Registration form be provided to the event organizer by June 12 to avoid delays at the onsite registration.

*You also can register by contacting the organizer. This may be easier for groups.

Registration Information

Provide the following information.

Note: If you have already registered for a previous event and the information has not changed. Only provide the course, team name and names of the team members.

  • Name(s): Names of all the Participants and the Year of Birth of each participant.
  • Address: Your address and the addresses of all team members if different from yours.
  • Team Name (if applicable): The team name and all the members of the team.
  • Gender preference: Male, female or non-gender.
  • Course:
  • Club: if available.
  • SportIdent number (if available); Electronic timing equipment will be used. If you do not have a SportIdent unit it will be provided at no cost (if lost a $45 charge will apply).
  • Email address: If interested to receive email notifications about orienteering activities provide your email address where it is requested on the Event Registration form.

In order to reduce congestion at the registration area, please print and pre-fill the paperwork required by our insurers:

ONB Event Registration Form (everyone on same form)


Waiver (for each Adult) (once a year) or Assumption of Risk (for each minor) (once a year). Please scan and email to the organizer. Limited copies will be available on-site.

Photo Consent

Photos maybe taken during the event. They are used for promotion and are not shared or sold. By attending the activities, you are consenting the non-commercial use of photographs, videos, recordings taken during orienteering activities on orienteering websites, social media, promotional materials and newsletters.


Two methods of payment:

1) Interac e-Transfer® . Send payment to: or

2) Onsite cash only.





Juniors (under 21)


Family maximum


Late fee (Applies after June 10, 2023)



  • Compass (mandatory)
  • Whistle (mandatory)
  • Watch (mandatory)
  • Water (recommended)
  • Cell phone (recommended)
  • Bug Off (recommended)

We will be checking that you have the mandatory equipment.

Safety Notes

Mountain bikes: Expect to encounter mountain bikers on the hiking and mountain bike trails.

All terrain vehicles (ATV): Expect to encounter ATV on the 6 hour course.

Vehicles: Vehicles use the access roads into the quarry.

Sink holes: The sink holes and ponds have unstable bottoms. Do not walk into sink holes or cross ponds.

Caves: The caves are out of bounds. The caves are habitat for bats. The bat population in the province are on the decline because of the white nose syndrome.

Safety bearing: The safety bearing will be provided on the maps.

Cell phone coverage: The area has limited cell phone coverage.

Logging: Some tree harvesting may be taken place on areas of the 6 hour course.

Emergency: The emergency contact number will be (506) 863-4266.The contact number will be provided on the map. Because of the remoteness of some of the controls on the 6 hour course extraction could take time. Be prepared for an extended stay.

Wilderness: The 2-hour course will be located on the WRRA map. The area is popular by hikers and mountain bikers. The Hillsborough Golf course is located on the eastern edge of the map.

The controls on the Pits of Despair map east of the gypsum mines are in remote areas.


Take highway 114 to Hillsborough, NB. In Hillsborough take the Golf Club Road to the golf course. The Golf Club Road is located across from the railway museum. Look for the ORIENTEERING sign. Follow the direction arrow, on the 2 colour triangle Orange and White signs, to the onsite registration. The onsite registration is located in the quarry. The entrance to the quarry is located at the end of the Golf Club Road.

Parking Advisory

Caution. There is parking near the onsite registration area. Be careful where you park as the ground could be unstable.


For information contact the event organizer Harold McQuade at


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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