Did you try it at Night?

This is a classic point-to-point orienteering event where participants follow a course in the order set by the organizer. All controls must be found in the given order.

This is a public event, open to all, with no prior orienteering experience required. Help will be available on site for any beginners needing some tips to get started.

There will be several courses to match any ability. Easier courses will be shorter with controls placed in easy-to-find locations. Harder courses will be longer and controls will be hidden off-trail for the more adventurous participants!


  • 1. Beginner (under 2 km): An introductory course for absolute beginners. Controls located along trails.
  • 2. Basic (about 2 km): Slightly harder. Good for first-time adults. Many controls along trails but just out of sight
  • 3. Intermediate (2-3 km): Most controls are located off the trails. Map reading skills are an asset. Some bushwacking.
  • 4. Advanced (3-5 km): Controls are located off the trails. Challenging route choices. Good map reading skills required.


Pre-registration is required to help the organizers prepare sufficient material. Register here or by email with the organizer (sh@orienteeringnb.ca).

  • Please provide:
    • Name(s) of all Participants; Birth Year (for our insurer)
    • Team Name (optional)
    • Club/Organization (ONB, 1st Somewhere Scouts, etc)
    • Course (Beginner, Intermediate, etc)
    • SportIdent serial number (if available)
  • In order to reduce congestion at the registration area, please print and pre-fill the paperwork required by our insurers:
  • Please scan and email to the organizer. Limited copies will be available on-site.


Registration Fees will be charged according to the "ONB Standard Fees". They will be collected at the meet site or by Interac e-Transfer® to: sh@orienteeringnb.ca. On-site registration will be available from approximately 11:00am.

(Pre-registration for meets is highly recommended.)

Basic & Beginner (any age) $10
Longer courses:



Juniors (under 21)

Family Maximum $30

Electronic Timing
SportIdentâ„¢ electronic timing equipment is used at all ONB events. Participants without a SportIdentâ„¢ device will be loaned one. If the device is lost, there will be a $50 charge to recover the cost of the device.

More Info

What should I bring? Wear something comfortable that you don't mind getting a little dirty! You might want to consider a change of shoes and socks! If it's wet outside, you might need a complete change of clothes! Compass and whistle are mandatory for all ONB events (whistles may be for sale at registration).


Tentatively planning for Start/Finish to be located in Centennial Park


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