Organizer: Harold McQuade (Event Director)

Map: Fundy National Park

The Fundy Mist offers a variety of activities on Saturday and Sunday

Highway 114 Moncton to Hillsborough reopened May 12

Update notice "Presentation on Promoting Orienteering"

It is planned to have a ONB board meeting to review the recommendations of a study made on how to promote orienteering. Club members from outside NB are also invited to attend.

Date: May 20, 2017

Time: 6pm

Location: In Fundy Park, TBD

Contact: Let me know if you are coming. Harold McQuade at

Français: Veuillez communiquer avec Harold McQuade

Saturday May 20, 2017

1.0 Beginner Clinic – Saturday May 20/17

Location: Salt & Fir Centre located across from the Fundy Park main visitors centre.

Clinic: Instructions on reading a map and using a compass.

Start: 13hr.

Duration: 30 minutes.

Registration: Contact the organizer to help prepare sufficient material.

Contact: Harold McQuade at

Fees: $5 that includes the training course map.

Equipment: Whistle, compass

2.0 Training course – Saturday May 20/17

Location: Playground located across from the Park main visitors centre.

Type of training: Entry level for beginners.

Registration: Pre-registration is requested to print sufficient maps. A limited number of extra maps will be available. To ensure a map contact Harold McQuade.

Onsite registration: Salt & Fir Centre open at noon.

Course open: Noon to 3 pm.

Fees: $5 per map

Equipment: Whistle, compass

Information: Harold McQuade at

3.0 Navigational Skills Challenge – Saturday May 20/17

Location: To be announced.

Type of challenge: For experience navigators.

Registration: Pre-registration is required to get a map. Deadline May 17, 2017. Additional maps will be printed for pick up on Saturday at Fundy Park, Salt & Fir Centre from Harold McQuade, Salt & Fir Centre from noon to 2pm.

Map pick up: A copy of map will be provided by email to those that pre-register.

Contact: David Ross at

Course open: All day.

Fees: $5 per map.

4.0 Owl Prowl night orienteering - Saturday May 20/17

5.0 Fundy Mist - Sunday May 21/17



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